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Southern Peach Sheepskin & Rabbit Fur

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You will love using our furs every single day!

All are eco friendly!  Meaning that our furs are harvested from small villages that use the animals primarily for food consumption then sell the fur for additional income for their families. This is the reason why sometimes we cannot carry them often, and we are perfectly ok with that decision! 

PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE: Due to the nature of our product, not all furs will be exactly the same in color, fullness, fur length or curls. Each batch is different from the other and even the color may differ in between batches even if it is the same color category. These are not mass produced and therefore differences are to be expected.  Fur color may also differ between screen resolutions, we do our best to note the color as is.  REFUNDS NOR EXCHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED DUE TO THIS MATTER. PLEASE NOTE THAT.

All images are SOOC at 5600K.

See shop policies for additional information not covered in this listing.