Should your flokati get dirty or soiled, please hand wash only in lukewarm water with a mild soap and air dry. We recommend doing this in spots or sections only.


So what is the difference between the 2000 grams vs 3000 grams?

Our STANDARD flokati is 3000 grams extra plush. It is super soft and dense (extra full) and has a wool pile length of 5-6" long.

Our 2000 grams flokati is still very soft but less dense than our standard quality and has a wool pile length of 2-3" long.

 Both qualities are superb! The backing is pliable and matches the color of the flokati. However, if you are still undecided, we HIGHLY recommend our 3000 grams, it is GORGEOUS and your final images will reflect it!


-Your Luneberry Team